Food Rant

Various ramblings about food: growing, buying, cooking and of course — eating!

Old Recipes

My mother didn’t really organize recipes. She stuffed them in books, in amongst other papers, wrote them on envelopes, put them in her appointment book with clients’ phone numbers on them. My grandmother seems not to have organized hers, either.  When my mother passed away, I found a shoebox full of old recipes. As I …

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A few weeks ago I went over to my neighbor’s house and she served me the most amazing Asian-inspired pickles. Carrots, celery, various colored bell peppers, daikon, and ginger combined to make this delicious treat I could NOT get enough of. The problem is, you can’t buy this in a store. She graciously offered to …

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Farmers Markets

Yesterday was one of the days when I just wandered from market to market. We started with Rosabella’s Garden Bakery where I bought my annual box of apples — a box of Jonagolds that were very red, a color variation I hadn’t seen before. Of course we had to sample their fresh baked goods and …

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Soup Pot

So, I was hungry and didn’t want to spend a lot of time cooking. I also didn’t want to part with any money. I looked in the freezer and found — fish balls. I’d forgotten I had those! In the subsequent flurry of activity, I tossed the fish balls, frozen green beans, leftover cilantro, leftover …

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