The new kitchen is functional!

After weeks of moving, I finally have the new kitchen functional…and wow…is it amazing. My father-in-law is so wonderful to let us live here! Part of what took so long was combining 3 kitchens into one. We feel so blessed to have inherited a lot of spices and baking supplies! 

The kitchen includes abundant counter space, so we can have multiple people working in here at the same time. This has already proven exciting for experimenting with new recipes.

My friend Wendy came in and helped organize all of the Tupperware® Modular Mates and baking supplies for me. That was another huge blessing. So, we’re back in order for playing with food.

Do you see the strange blue strip underneath the cupboard? We had to raise the cupboard in order to put the mixer on the counter top. That left this strange space that didn’t match the rest of the room. I had a stencil just the same width (convenient) and we were in the process of painting the bedroom in that light blue…so…I painted a blue spot with multi-colored roses, because I love looking at roses. Then we mounted a metal strip along the bottom edge of it that is magnetic. I can put all of my stray magnets on it and when I’m doing bulk cooking and making multiple recipes at once — the magnets hold my recipe cards. How cool is that?

I’ve already added a couple of new finds to the site, with more to come. Enjoy!

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