Welcome to Home Cooked Meals!

My goal is to keep the site fresh with new ideas for saving money and spicing up your meals. There are new recipes every day, so check back. If you register, you can submit your own recipes to be added.

I encourage you to play with the recipes on this site. The true art of home cooking is in creating with what you have on hand. Experiment, have fun, and when you find something the family loves, don’t forget to come back and share it with us. Also, if you make a recipe it would be a great help if you would post an estimate of what you paid for the ingredients and any variations you tried as a comment, along with roughly where you are in the world. That’ll help folks track seasonal bargains and make budgeting choices!

I’m going to be adding a section for emergency meals, but in the meantime if you’re searching for a quick idea, just type the main ingredient you have on hand (chicken, black beans, etc.) into the search box in the upper right corner for some suggestions. Also, if you happen to find yourself with a sudden over-abundance of something from seasonal harvests, search for it. You’ll find tips for storage, preservation, and some unique recipes.

I’ve heard from folks dealing with food packages that include strange ingredients: go on, hit the search. If you don’t find what you need, contact me and I’ll dig up some more options for you.

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