How much does an egg cost?

After my Deleyna’s Drift commentary today, I decided to conduct my own unofficial survey of the cost of an egg. The internet answer was 25 cents/egg. That seemed high to me. I went to my store — handy dandy calculator in tow along with the 4 year old — and went to the sale eggs. 15 cents/egg. Ok, that was better. We are low on eggs, so I ought to buy some. Then I looked at the bulk eggs. Ah, those are probably cheaper and they were: 10.75 cents per egg. HA! So, how much were the not on sale, smaller packages of eggs? 10.15 cents per egg. HUH? Looking around, I found several eggs — all AA large — for 10.1 cents per egg. Pulling out my handy dandy copy of my last Costco receipt, I discover that I paid 10.6 cents per egg at Costco my last trip. So, my local non-discount grocery store’s regular price on eggs is lower than Costco.

The moral of the story? Don’t go shopping without a calculator.

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