Farmers Markets

Yesterday was one of the days when I just wandered from market to market. We started with Rosabella’s Garden Bakery where I bought my annual box of apples — a box of Jonagolds that were very red, a color variation I hadn’t seen before. Of course we had to sample their fresh baked goods and I highly recommend the caramel tart. Their crust is yummy! I brought home a dozen of their apple cider donuts.

We went to the butcher for meat where my daughter was given summer sausage and candy. We went to a local produce stand for fresh zucchini and corn…and of course their cream-top chocolate milk. Eggs came from a poultry farm — the Jumbo ones you can’t get in a store.

For dinner, I made chicken and apples. The corn was a loss as I yet again managed to not get it done while anyone was still even remotely hungry. We will be eating that today along with the apple brownies required by my family during apple season.

That blew my food budget in one day, but it was a grand adventure. Today I’ll make some apple butter as well to enjoy over the days to come when we’re eating beans to balance that budget.

The weather was a typical Indian Summer day here in Western Washington — warm, cool breezes, sea air redolent of dahlias and rain drenched forests. The sense that this day was precious was overwhelming, topped off by a sunset of luscious colors as varied as the apple skins. I am so blessed to live here.

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