Eating out of the Freezer

I haven’t felt much like cooking in the last few days. Big adventures, planning out the summer’s activities for the family and getting the kids through the last days of school have drained my energy. We’ve been eating out of the freezer and I used one of my precious pizza days. $10 pizza from Papa Murphy’s definitely fits into the budget. It is days like this that I really value having the freezer meals and some of the silly too-easy recipes. We did the pseudo ice cream the other day — it was more ice milk this time as I’d used the last of the cream. Probably going to do that again today with straight milk. The kids loved the treat and it was very good. It doesn’t have the same texture as store-bought, but I find it very refreshing. Of course, it gets creamier if I’d let it freeze in the freezer for the couple of hours to make it set up, but we aren’t that good at delayed gratification. It is so good. I have a weakness for chocolate with a tiny dash of peppermint on a hot day. I wonder what would happen if I used chocolate protein shake powder instead of Nesquick. Would that be (gasp) healthier? Obviously, I don’t make very scientific decisions on warm days.

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