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This site has been a dream of mine for many years. Originally, I was writing a book on cooking, but life happened and I drifted away from the project. With the rise of the internet, I dreamed of digitizing my recipes and sharing them with others. My children — both my own and my extended extras — have long come to me for recipes, and they all know where my personal recipe book is kept. As a stay-at-home Mom who is also a web-designer, it seemed that I was always working on other people’s projects. Recently I was challenged to create a site for myself, but to also include something I usually don’t: advertising. Why? Well, because there are these bills I’d like to pay off, actually, and because someone told me I couldn’t do it, probably.

I’m a home-school Mom, which means that while I’m cooking, I’m also teaching. I have one son who decided to finish his last years in the public school system, one finishing high school while doing college work, and one in Kindergarten. For a large period of the last 10 years, I not only home-schooled the boys, but cared for a dying parent, worked full-time, and tried to develop my writing talent. During those hard, over-worked days, I moved away from my love of cooking. In fact, I think there was at least a year in which I didn’t cook much at all. Hence, we have some bills to pay off. It is amazing how much money you can save by just cooking at home.

Home cooked meals tend to be healthier as well as cost less. Also, by cooking for your family, you can adjust portions and ingredients to suit individual tastes. My goal with the recipes on this site is to have variations and options to allow you to customize the eating experience for your loved ones. A secondary goal is to provide a venue where people can share and comment on these recipes and on the variations, adding even more options.

In my secret love affair with cooking, I’ve spent time studying the cooking styles of many different cultures and time periods. There is something wonderful about peasant food from all around the world, and you’ll find some surprising recipes scattered in among the old fashioned standards. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and dive in and contribute. The fun is just beginning!

Welcome to my playground!


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